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Frontier Trading

The one-stop shop for feed commodity trading and transportation in southern Oklahoma


Written by: Molly Shaw
Produced by: Drew Taylor

In Ada, Oklahoma, Frontier Trading has been building relationships with feed ingredient manufactures, transportation personnel and end users to offer a fair price and rapid service in the delivery of more than 200 kinds of commodities. Since the company was established in 1996, Frontier Trading has made its name known as the one-stop shop for reliable feed commodity trading driven by some of the best service professionals in the business.

“What really stands out about Frontier Trading is we’re more than a marketing-brokerage firm; we also have the means to actually move the product,” explains Roger Callison, founder and co-owner of Frontier Trading. “Our service is second to none and we’re the best in the business in being able to get commodities moved efficiently. We’re really a one-stop shop. If you need to buy or sell a load of corn –call us – we can do either one.”

Vast commodity selection

Frontier Trading deals in a full range of feed commodities sourced from a range of states – Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, all the way to Louisiana and Texas. The company’s lengthy list of available commodities includes: whole corn, rolled and flaked corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, alfalfa pellets, malt sprout pellets, milo, oats, peanut hulls, rice bran, cotton burrs, hominy, linseed meal pellets, canola meal and canola meal pellets, sunflower meal, cubes and more. All in all, Frontier Feeds acquires, moves and distributes more than 200 different kinds of commodities. “We offer fertilizer distribution as well,” says Callison.

Since 1996 Frontier Trading has been building the internal and external resources needed to serve customers and suppliers and honor its commitments day in and day out. With a background in economics and agricultural marketing, Callison started the company 19 years ago.

Frontier Trading

“I attended Oklahoma State, where I earned my degree in ag-economics with a marketing emphasis,” he recounts. “After graduation, I went to work for a grain exporting company. After seven years I decided it was time to do something different, so myself and a partner, who has since retired, began Frontier Trading in 1996.”

Vertically integrated operations

Today, Frontier Trading has a team of approximately 20 employees in Ada and additional staff at the company’s feed mill operations based in Marlow and Roff, Oklahoma. “My background is in the grain exporting business with degrees in international agricultural marketing and a master’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of Arkansas,” says Warren Skaggs, co-owner of Frontier Trading. “I joined the business in 2008 and have been very pleased with the growth that we have seen over the last few years. Jim Barr is also a co-owner. His background is in the trading side of the business, so we all make a very good team.”

In 2009, Frontier Trading established Frontier Feeds in Marlow, further increasing the vertical integration of the business. “We now have two feed mills; one in Marlow and one in Roff,” notes Skaggs. “Frontier Feeds in Marlow offers both wholesale and retail options. Frontier Feeds blends and mixes livestock feed commodities to offer ranchers in the region and we also have a retail arm that offers the typical farm and ranch type products.”

Frontier Feeds is managed by Neal Moore and offers both bulk delivery along with super sacks and 50-pound sacks. The company also carries mineral, salt and individual feed ingredients.

Frontier Feeds’ experienced warehouse staff works to create consistent, quality feed blends and the operation’s transportation staff works hard to ensure that feed is delivered quickly and efficiently to the final destination. Art Dean, the company’s on-staff nutritionist ensures that Frontier Feeds can create custom ration that serves customers’ needs for any number of animals, including cattle, horses, swine and more.

“We’re in the process of building a new storage warehouse for feed ingredients at the Roff feed mill,” says Skaggs. “This new facility is going to be around 25,000 square feet, which will significantly increase our feed storage capacity. The target completion for this facility is late 2015.”

With the recent drought in the Southwest, spanning throughout Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Kansas , Skaggs says Frontier Feeds has seen a dip in the demand for cattle feed. “Many ranchers sold a lot of their cattle because there wasn’t enough water to support their operational needs,” he explains. “This creates a challenge for us because fewer cattle means reduced feed demand.”

In the commodity world, there are always going to be ups and downs Skaggs says. “You learn to make adjustments and ride the wave,” he explains. “Commodity prices have decreased significantly over the last year or so. A couple of years ago we were combating the cost of $8 corn, now it’s down to $4 and the situation has improved for our feed end users.”

Commodity challenges aside, running a tight ship that delivers much-needed commodities on a swift schedule keeps customers coming back, according to Callison. “We focus on transparency and working hard to take care of our customers’ needs in the timeliest manner,” he says. “This in turn, helps them do their job better and takes a load off their mind, allowing them to run their business and do what they need to do every day with fewer headaches.

With decades of industry experience, Frontier Trading’s team – from traders to truckers and office personnel – delivers an extra dose of enthusiasm, flexibility and superior service.

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